CPPBI, in line with its mandate, has launched several key projects aimed at raising awareness about peace and conflict issues. These activities are carried out by an experienced team in collaboration with partners from the Multi-Track Diplomacy Spectrum, and with valuable contributions from volunteers and other critical stakeholders who have played a crucial role in the organization’s commendable successes over the years. Some of the concluded and ongoing initiatives include:


Peace Journalism Seminars/Workshops:

Under its Peace Education and Advocacy Program, CPPBI aims to promote peace journalism in Africa. Recognizing the media’s role as either an agent of peace or an instrument of discord, CPPBI organizes Peace Journalism interfaces for media organizations in Nigeria. These workshops seek to counteract the propagandistic misuse of media that has contributed to conflicts, as seen in the Rwanda Genocide.


Democracy and Human Rights Monitoring:

CPPBI addresses democracy deficits and weak institutions by providing advisory services and technical cooperation programs to strengthen the legal framework for human rights protection. Through its Democracy and Human Rights Monitoring Initiative, CPPBI tracks and reports on the implementation and practice of democratic governance and human rights in Africa. The organization also collaborates with national governments and actors to build strong and independent judiciaries, representative parliaments, national human rights institutions, and vibrant civil society.


Voter Education Clinics:

In response to electoral irregularities and deficits of democracy in Africa, CPPBI’s Voter Education Clinics, part of the Peace Education and Advocacy Program, aim to combat voter ignorance, political impunity, and apathy. Through capacity-building workshops and interactive seminars for various stakeholders, including youth groups, political parties, electoral officials, and media organizations, CPPBI spreads awareness on peaceful, free, fair, and acceptable electoral contests. Their efforts have positively influenced improvements in Nigeria’s electoral processes.


The Catch Them Young Initiatives:

Building on the Leadership Education Program, this initiative seeks to break the cycle of negative behavior among young people by providing mentoring and mediation support. CPPBI’s Catch Them Young project empowers vulnerable, challenged, and at-risk youths by developing their skills, capabilities, and educational potentials. The organization conducts leadership training programs in schools and establishes Peace Clubs to inculcate non-adversarial mindsets and conflict resolution skills.


Early Warning Services:

CPPBI’s Early Warning Services, part of its Conflict Tracking and Reporting Program, tracks and reports on potential flashpoints of violent conflicts. By gathering information through media reports, research findings, security reports, questionnaires, and personal contacts, CPPBI packages quality data on conflict trends and makes it available to stakeholders, including security agencies.


Inter-Religious Dialogue Clinics:

Recognizing the explosive nature of inter-faith relations in sub-Saharan Africa, CPPBI focuses on fostering interreligious harmony through dialogue. The organization facilitates dialogue among key religious organizations, particularly Christianity and Islam, to promote greater cooperation, harmony, tolerance, and peaceful problem-solving among adherents.


CPPBI’s diverse initiatives reflect its commitment to peacebuilding and conflict prevention in Africa, with a strong emphasis on education, dialogue, and collaboration among various stakeholders.