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Position Paper by Conflict Prevention and Peace Building Initiative (CPPBI)

Promoting Sustainable Peace: A Call for Unified Multi-Track Diplomacy in Africa


In the face of escalating violent conflicts, coup d’états, political turmoil, and social upheavals that continue to plague the African continent, the Conflict Prevention and Peace Building Initiative (CPPBI), a steadfast Nigerian-based non-governmental organization, ardently advocates for a harmonized and collaborative approach to restoring enduring peace. The unfolding ugly scenarios across the continent demands immediate and concerted action from all stakeholders within the multi-track diplomacy spectrum, both state and non-state actors, to construct a foundation of peace across the continent through dialogue, diplomacy, and the rejection of coercive methods.

Urgent Need for Unified Action

Africa’s fabric is woven with a rich history of cultures, languages, and traditions. However, this vibrant tapestry has been marred by a series of unfortunate violent episodes, leaving countless lives shattered and communities in disarray. CPPBI vehemently condemns the rising incidences of violent conflicts that have caused immense suffering and hindered the continent’s progress.

It is now more crucial than ever for both state and non-state actors to unite under a common banner of peace. Fragmentation and divisiveness only serve to exacerbate the challenges at hand. By fostering collective action, African nations and civil society organizations can amplify their impact and effectively address the root causes of conflict, thereby paving the way for a brighter future.

The Power of Dialogue and Diplomacy

CPPBI firmly asserts that the path to sustainable peace lies in the constructive engagement of dialogue and diplomacy. The culture of violence must be unequivocally rejected, and the use of force should be supplanted by the art of diplomacy. The history of successful negotiations, such as the resolution of disputes through the African Union’s intervention in various crises, underscores the efficacy of diplomacy in preventing conflicts from spiraling further.

We must prioritize open dialogue, sincere negotiation, and active mediation. These mechanisms, when employed genuinely, can foster understanding, reconciliation, and mutual respect. Every voice must be heard, and every perspective considered, to forge a comprehensive and inclusive peace that transcends ethnic, religious, and political divides.

Entrenching Justice for Lasting Peace

CPPBI recognizes that peace cannot be sustained without justice. It is imperative that both state and non-state actors across the continent make unwavering commitments to justice and fairness in their constituencies. Impunity and inequality only fuel grievances and contribute to the perpetuation of conflict.

A just society is one where the rule of law prevails, where human rights are upheld, and where individuals are held accountable for their actions. By fostering an environment where justice is accessible to all, the seeds of peace can truly take root and flourish.


The African continent stands at a crossroads, with the power to decide its own destiny. The Conflict Prevention and Peace Building Initiative (CPPBI) urges all stakeholders within the multi-track diplomacy spectrum, be they governments, civil society organizations, or individuals, to heed the call for unity, dialogue, diplomacy, and justice. Through these foundational principles, we can collectively overcome the scourge of violent conflicts, political instability, and social unrest.

The time for action is now. Let us join hands and hearts to craft a legacy of lasting peace for generations to come. As CPPBI envisions a brighter African future, we beckon all to rise to this noble challenge, transcending boundaries and working collaboratively towards a continent where the promise of peace is fully realized.

The Conflict Prevention and Peace Building Initiative (CPPBI) is a Nigeria-based non-governmental organization with a commitment to fostering constructive relationships among individuals, groups, and political entities across various boundaries, including ethnic, religious, class, national, and racial divisions.

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