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Celebrating The Federal Republic Of #Nigeria @61

As Nigeria celebrates her 61st Independence Anniversary, we join the rest of the world in congratulating her on this milestone.

We like to state that despite the gargantuan challenges the Nigerian State and its people have had to grapple with since 1960, there is still hope.

Therefore, the task before Nigerians is not to dissipate energy sulking about their sordid conditions, or disagreeing with one another on the best way forward, but to rise up in one accord with a fresh resolve to right the mistakes of the past. Blame games and complaints of any sort will not solve the problems Nigerians currently face; only through constructive action can they get out of the doldrums.

We wish to point out that ALL #Nigerians, not just the leaders are responsible for the subsisting mess their country wallows in. They are all casualties of their individual and collective actions and inaction.

So, all hands must be placed on deck to reinvent this potential giant, for great nations are not just wished into existence; they are built on purposeful action.

Therefore, #Nigerians, both the leaders and the led, must unite and doggedly fight for the emancipation of their country from the formidable challenges facing her. Only a united house can withstand the centrifugal pulls of destruction.

#Nigeria will survive! May the future of Nigeria be better than her past and present!

Once again, we say Happy 61st Independence Anniversary, Nigeria, and many more blissful returns!

God save Nigeria!