Our Training Programs For 2022 are as follows:

Comprehensive Peacebuilding For The 21st   Century

Date:  13th– 17th  May 2022, Ibadan, Nigeria

CPPBI will deliver this five-day course, which provides a comprehensive overview of peacebuilding and conflict analysis by using current cases and scenarios. A particular emphasis will be placed on the interlinkages between peace and security issues. The course is targeting government officials, civil society organisations, international organisations and the private sector. The participants will focus on developing effective interventions to build sustainable peace.

KEY BENEFITS: The course will deepen your understanding and knowledge of peace and security challenges within fragile settings; develop a comprehensive strategy from a diversity of peacebuilding tasks; enhance your capacity to design effective and comprehensive peacebuilding policies; and develop cross-cultural understanding and gender awareness as it applies to a peacebuilding context.

Interactive Workshop In Conflict Resolution, Transformation and Peacebuilding
Date: 3rd – 7th July, 2022,  Jos, Nigeria

This course provides those involved in planning for long-term and peaceful development with a clear understanding of the principles and processes underlying the sustainable and resilient transition of a post-conflict environment.

KEY BENEFITS: Interactive learning will increase participants’ understanding of the key issues in conflict resolution, transformation and peacebuilding, such as the planning and management of security sector reform, humanitarian action as well as the targets and mechanisms for effective state strengthening. By examining in-depth case studies and influential factors behind sustainable peacebuilding, participants will leave equipped to develop plans for post-conflict transition management.

Results-based Management For Peacebuilding, Security And Development

Date:  5th – 7th October, 2022, Port Harcout, Nigeria

This programme is designed for Policy-makers and Practitioners working in the field of peacebuilding, security and development. Its goal is to introduce them to programme results-based management, design, monitoring and evaluation skills. This intensive training tackles programme cycle planning, theories of change, results-based approaches as well as the practical implementation of monitoring and evaluation processes using simulations and field based case studies.

KEY BENEFITS: The course will enhance your results-based management skills, specifically your programme/project design capacity by walking you through every step of the process from line of sight, theory of change to case design, indicator setting, data collection and design. It will enable you to address gaps related to appropriate goal setting, performance targeting, monitoring, and evaluation of both outputs and outcomes in the fields of peacebuilding, security and development.

NOTE: To attend these conferences, applicants are expected to write solid expressions of interest of not more than 1000 words, containing their aims for applying to attend these conferences, as well as their expectations, and submit along with a comprehensive resume in Microsoft Word format to: nko.franca@cppbi.org OR info@cppbi.org. further enquiries about these courses should be forwarded to the same email addresses.