Date: July 15, 2014

By Jude Obuseh

The escalating incidents of violence, including kidnappings, assassinations, and terrorism in Nigeria, have led to serious concerns about the readiness of the country’s security forces to address these mounting threats. The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) has faced harsh criticism, given its role as the closest security organization to the people. However, it is essential to acknowledge that national security is a collaborative effort, and all security organizations share responsibility.

The NPF, like other security agencies, has its share of successes and failures. While it has managed to control various uprisings and communal clashes in the past, it has also struggled to solve high-profile assassinations and bombings. The challenges it faces include inadequate manpower, obsolete equipment, poor remuneration, lack of public cooperation, mobility constraints, and a negative public image due to the actions of a few bad individuals.

Addressing these challenges requires urgent attention from the Nigerian government. Adequate funding, modern equipment, improved training, and better remuneration are crucial for the police to fulfill their duties effectively. Moreover, the sophistication of violent groups demands a comprehensive overhaul of the security sector to meet the evolving threats.

It is essential to recognize that the issues within the NPF are symptomatic of broader systemic failures in Nigeria. To find lasting solutions, a thorough examination of the structural and background factors affecting the country’s security sector is necessary.

The NPF has demonstrated commendable performance in foreign peacekeeping missions, proving its capabilities when adequately supported. It is crucial to prop up the police and other security agencies to fulfill their roles as guarantors of peace and security within Nigeria.

Blaming the police alone for the country’s security challenges is unfair and counterproductive. Instead, it is time for collective action and comprehensive reforms in the security sector to safeguard the lives and properties of all Nigerians.

The NPF can play a significant role in ensuring national security, but it requires the support and collaboration of all stakeholders. By addressing the systemic issues and providing the necessary resources, Nigeria can build a more resilient and effective security apparatus. It is time to unite and take responsibility for securing our nation’s future.

Jude Obuseh,

Founder/Executive Director, CPPBI