Joining CPPBI is a way for individuals and groups to be involved in and support the African/Global network of peace activists – a broad network linking people in many different groups including religious bodies, labour unions, women’s groups, environmental organizations, etc., as well as peace movements.

We offer

  1. Mailings: a variety of documents; reports and messages on a variety of peace issues.
    2. Access to our contacts among NGOs, research institutes, media, and national diplomatic missions.
    3. Invitations to CPPBI events: seminars, workshops, and conferences
    4. Discount rates on CPPBI book publications.
    5. The opportunity to work with other members on joint peace projects, and to help create CPPBI policy.

You can offer

  1. Exchange of information about peace activities in your region/field. This could include a regular exchange of publications.
    2. Voluntary financial contributions to help ensure the continuity of CPPBI’s work.
    3. Personal contacts from your own network of friends and colleagues, including potential sources of funding.
    4. Translation and/or distribution of CPPBI materials.
    5. Assistance with conferences and seminars in your area.


Applying for membership

Organizations and individuals wishing to become members must apply by returning the application form to the secretariat. There are two different forms. One for INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS, and the other for ORGANIZATIONS/INSTITUTIONS. Organizations’ applications will be submitted to the CPPBI Board for approval. It may be possible to make use of membership services in advance of this date if the application is provisionally approved by the CPPBI Steering Committee.

To apply for any of the membership category above, download the form  below and complete the filling.



Please Scan and send the completed form to: info@cppbi.org