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Title: Tranquil Ripples: A Collection of Reflective Essays on Peace

Author: Jude Obuseh (Executive Director, CPPBI)

Pages: 59

Publisher: JOVAB Press

“Tranquil Ripples: A Collection of Reflective Essays on Peace” by Jude Obuseh, the Executive Director of the Conflict Prevention and Peace Building Initiative (CPPBI), is a masterpiece that elegantly navigates the intricate layers of peace. In a world teetering on the edge of chaos, this book emerges as a beacon of wisdom and a catalyst for contemplation.

Obuseh’s collection of essays invites readers on a transformative journey through the various facets of peace. From the tranquil depths of inner serenity to the grand tapestry of social justice, the book traverses the spectrum of human experience, all the while advocating for unity, understanding, and the power of forgiveness.

What sets “Tranquil Ripples” apart is its profound ability to bridge personal insights with historical lessons. Obuseh’s words have a magnetic pull, drawing readers into a discourse that is not only relevant but necessary. As the world grapples with conflicts both visible and concealed, this book arrives as a timely reminder of the strength that lies within peace.

The author’s eloquence resonates through each chapter, each essay an echo of deep contemplation. Whether discussing the echoes of inner peace or dissecting the underpinnings of lasting harmony, Obuseh’s voice reverberates with sincerity and conviction. The essays are meticulously crafted, each word chosen with care, creating an immersive experience that leaves an indelible mark on the reader’s mind.


“Tranquil Ripples” isn’t just a book; it’s a call to action, an invitation to introspect and engage. It encourages readers to explore their role in the grand symphony of peacebuilding, underscoring the significance of personal responsibility in shaping a world that sorely needs healing. This collection goes beyond passive reading; it compels readers to actively participate in the narrative of peace.

The book’s strength lies in its ability to foster dialogue and cultivate understanding. It serves as a catalyst for conversations that are essential to our shared human experience. With Obuseh’s words as a guide, readers are emboldened to examine their own beliefs, challenge preconceptions, and embrace the potential for change.

In “Tranquil Ripples,” Jude Obuseh presents not just a book, but a gift—a gift of wisdom, of empathy, and of hope. It’s a journey into the heart of peace, and it’s a journey that will resonate with anyone seeking solace, enlightenment, and the path to a more compassionate world.