Date: October 16, 2014

By Jude Obuseh

In the midst of the chaotic situation in Nigeria’s North-East, the pressing question remains: What does Boko Haram truly seek? The extremist group’s relentless attacks have plunged the region into violence, leaving no signs of abatement. Recent events have shed light on their intentions, as the insurgents tighten their grip on key areas and proclaim their desire to establish an Islamic State.

Boko Haram’s transformation from a rag-tag guerrilla movement to a formidable military force is evident. Their recent alliance with the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) has bolstered their capabilities, making them more organized and well-equipped. Their audacious attacks have exposed vulnerabilities within Nigeria’s security forces, casting doubt on their ability to protect the nation’s territorial integrity.

The capture of the strategic town of Bama and their declaration of an “Islamic Caliphate” signify their determination to enforce Sharia Law across the North-East. Brutal tactics, such as beheadings and floggings, illustrate their seriousness in implementing their ideology.

The potential ramifications of Boko Haram’s unchecked advances are dire. The Nigerian government and its allies must act decisively to prevent further territorial losses and avoid the creation of a pariah state within the country. The security threat posed by this situation cannot be underestimated, as it may incite other disenchanted groups to follow a similar path of violence and division.

Boko Haram’s ultimate objective is clear: to seize a significant portion of Nigerian territory and establish an independent Islamic state governed by their strict interpretation of Sharia Law. Their actions go beyond mere insurgency; they challenge the very existence of Nigeria as it currently stands.

For the sake of the nation’s security and unity, urgent and comprehensive action is necessary. It is time for authorities to step up, explore all avenues of de-escalation, and prevent this conflict from escalating further. Indecision and delay are no longer viable options. The Nigerian State faces its greatest security threat to date, and immediate action is paramount.

In the face of this crisis, all Nigerians must unite to protect their country and prevent the disintegration that extremist groups like Boko Haram seek to achieve. Time is of the essence, and the future of Nigeria hangs in the balance. It is a critical moment that demands a resolute response. May Nigeria be saved from this looming storm.

Jude Obuseh,

Founder/Executive Director, CPPBI